Yes, Tea for your pets!!

Herbal teas originate from plentiful sources of  various flowers, leaves, buds, seeds, and other plant components.  Each herbal tea has its own health benefits according to its chemical composition.  Each ingredient  has a variety of nutrients that are also a great addition to any diet.


Though brewing releases beneficial compounds in order to make them more available to your pets, any of these items can also be offered dry,  especially the flowers.  Mixing dry flowers like Calendula, chamomile and rose petals into dry feed or fresh foods can be very enriching. 


The use of tea is yet another way to incorporate additional items into the diet and increase the amount of  vitamins and minerals in your daily regimen.  Teas can also serve as a great enrichment tool, using a different kind each day to keep things interesting.  The many methods discussed here will hopefully allow you to provide a more diverse diet for your pets and help them to thrive.

"I approve and encourage the use of herbal and/or decaffeinated teas for birds. When offered correctly and appropriately, tea can enhance a bird's life by enriching her life experience and introducing additional nutrition. I often recommend various teas to clients. Their use supports many treatment protocols and aid in healing and mental health.” Karen Becker, DVM, NMD

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