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  • Repta-Herp Blend


    Reptile Tea 

    *Nettle Leaf, Lavender, *Basil Leaf, *Chamomile, *Jasmine, *Rose Petal, *Dandelion Leaf, *Marjoram Leaf, *Raspberry Leaf, *Red Clover, *Rooibos Tea, *Calendula Flower
    Organic ingredients marked with *

    Whether you’re soaking your tortoises, preparing a salad for your bearded dragon, or enriching the diet for your uromastyx, this tea can be used in a host of ways and offer nutritional benefits in the flowers and leaves they love.  Brewing this tea and soaking your reptiles in it once cooled can be helpful not only for their digestion, but also the condition of their skin. 

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